(92) The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan

Dropped by the library sale on Saturday, and walked away with four, including a 2$ copy of this. (Others are Ahab's Wife, which I'm anticipating reading in June, and a few non-fiction.) One of my students wanted to use this for their final project, but when they reminded me it was comprised of short stories,... Continue Reading →

(91) Ariadne, Jennifer Saint [bk 9 of 10 for May]

Wow, I did NOT know this story. I started this book back in January, but only got a chapter in, and it didn't grab me. Restarted it over the weekend, as the only remaining assigned for the month are this and a volume of poetry that I'm lingering over, and ended up reading it nearly... Continue Reading →

(84) Arsenic and Adobo, Mia P. Manasala

I didn't think I'd be ok with this, but I finished it without a rough patch, so that makes me feel good. A bit incomprensible to be concerned about a cozy mystery about a second generation Filipina? Obviously. The Philippines are the first country I visited, first time I was on an airplane, and my... Continue Reading →

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