105-115 end of summer vacation book dump

My last post was in mid-July, in whence I wasted some of my internet time (at the local library-- rural KY means no wifi at home) updating this instead of writing my dissertation. Since then, I read 10 more books, spent another month in KY, and traveled home to the land of constant connection (D.C.... Continue Reading →

104-105: detour to Three Pines

Started Louise Penny's Three Pines series and loving it. Read Still Life and A Fatal Grace in one gulp, kindle on dark mode until four AM. Love reading like that-- makes me feel like I'm 12 with a flashlight under the covers. Penny shows such a deftness of community and emotion. Not without edges, I'm... Continue Reading →

July: from the bag (101-103)

One of the features of our vacations for the last 5 years (at least) is my Big Bag of Books. C starts collecting books that have been recommended by book sellers, or that he notices advertised somewhere, and packs them all up for our time in Kentucky. So my reading for the next six weeks... Continue Reading →

June wrap-up, heading into July

So I didn't finish *any* of the off-the-shelf reads I had planned for June. But I'm happier with what I did get accomplished than if I'd done what I planned: I finished a chapter of my dissertation, and did a lot of creating (sewing, refashioning, organizing) before our 6 week vacation in KY. I read... Continue Reading →

June Reading Goals

June's reading is going to be a little different, though I loved the structure of the alphabet challenge in May. But June is (maybe) my last summer month at home, so I'm having a clear-the-shelves sprint. (I'm traveling in July and part of August, and I have a lot of new books coming, so it's... Continue Reading →

May wrap-up

Ok, this month came in at 20. But it didn't feel mindless, so it's fine. I read the 10 I chose for myself at the beginning of the month, liked some (some more than expected), some were a bit forgettable, but none so bad I bailed. (Working on bailing books I'm not enjoying, so those... Continue Reading →

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