117) Lady Audley’s Secret, Mary Elizabeth Braddon

I’ve read this before but I DID NOT REMEMBER IT. Felt like it took forever to read, it was a periodic pick-up during July and August; primarily revisiting it because a scholar I’ve been reading talks about the Victorian storage of paper/archival crisis in all the cubbyholes here. Such a rich area– so many scraps of paper in Victorian literature. Middlemarch, The Moonstone, this, obviously… like ALL of Dickens… so smart, I’m jealous.

Enjoyed reading. Made me want to reread East Lynne (the next text on the long-ago and much beloved Victorian Sensation Fiction syllabus)– maybe I will.

And reading it with My Cousin Rachel in mind was astonishing! How did I not put that together like a decade ago? Daphne was paying some serious homage.


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