105-115 end of summer vacation book dump

My last post was in mid-July, in whence I wasted some of my internet time (at the local library– rural KY means no wifi at home) updating this instead of writing my dissertation. Since then, I read 10 more books, spent another month in KY, and traveled home to the land of constant connection (D.C. suburbs.)

Listing the books here, and recording thoughts as they occur:

106) Here Goes Nothing, Steve Toltz– 3/5 stars; reminded me of A Brief History of the Dead, Kevin Brockmeier

107) The Jane Austen Society, Natalie Jenner– 4/5; enjoyed, made me want to reread all (of course). Would be good in a bookclub.

108) Lucky Turtle, Bill Roorbach– 5/5 or more; loved this. Escape to the wilderness (one of my fav tropes), true love’s twisty track

109) The Reading List, Sara Nisha Adams– 4/5; so good. Widowed grandfather connects with his family and himself through reading great books. Reminded me of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand and The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

110) The Giver of Stars, Jojo Moyes– 3/5; good but maybe not memorable. Another about the bookwomen of Kentucky (see below). Loved the image of the fireflies.

111) Book Woman’s Daughter, Kim Michele Richardson– 3/5; another Kentucky read, sequel to something I read a few summers ago. Didn’t remember the first book quite well enough, but didn’t want to reread. Enjoyed it, but more of a bookclub book.

112) The Vanished Bride, Bella Ellis– 4/5; really enjoyed this. The Bronte sisters detect. I’d read more, I’d watch the series, made me want to reread all of all of them. Silly, of course. But fun.

113) The Cruellest Month, Louise Penny– 5/5; loving this series.

114) A Rule Against Murder, Louise Penny– 5/5; ditto

115) Where the Deer and the Antelope Play, Nick Offerman–5/5; ok I just absolutely adored this book. I have a hard copy, read the first page or two, realized I was attempting his voice in my head and –miracle of miracles– my local library had the audio book available for immediate borrowing! Listened in two days, passed it on with an imperative statement to my partner. So so good. In this, he is consciously ethical in a way that really resounded with me.


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