June wrap-up, heading into July

So I didn’t finish *any* of the off-the-shelf reads I had planned for June. But I’m happier with what I did get accomplished than if I’d done what I planned: I finished a chapter of my dissertation, and did a lot of creating (sewing, refashioning, organizing) before our 6 week vacation in KY.

I read (listened to) 4 books during the month:
* Magpie Murders, Anthony Horowitz
* Moonflower Murders, Anthony Horowitz
* Death of a Gossip, M. C. Beaton
* Death of a Cad, M. C. Beaton

First off, only 4 books! That is a record for me, and one I’m quite proud of. Those 20 book months are kind of a sign that I’m in an unhealthy cycle, that life is just a thing I do around the edges of my books. The edges took up more space this month, and that’s progress.

About these: Love the Horowitz series, I don’t think Beaton is for me.

I’ve read Magpie Murders before, but I didn’t remember it, so I decided on a reread after the first chapter of Moonflower left me a bit confused. (I think readers should have a fairly fresh memory of the first before the second– there’s a lot of call back to the first.) Enjoyable, I didn’t try too hard to figure out the criminal, because I think it’s more fun to just follow the author.

Not such a fan of Beaton. I’ve listened to some Agatha Raisin, these were my first Hamish Macbeth books. She’s a little harsh for me. There are unexpected edges to her writing that maybe make it more interesting, but I find it jarring. I feel like she doesn’t really like these people very much. Plenty of super curmudgeonly characters are portrayed lovingly (I’m thinking of Fredrik Backman)– but I feel like a bad characteristic for Beaton is a reason to just write them off, to discard or disregard them. Oh well, all authors are not for all readers. Watched all the Hamish Macbeth series though, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

July is mostly unplanned. C brought a big bag of books for me, so I’ll work through that. And trying to finish another chapter, so we’ll see how that goes.

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