(96) Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Desiged for Men, Caroline Criado Perez

I listened to this, and the closer attention of actual reading might have been a better choice. But still, this was great for listening as I did the few things that require me to put my book down. Her major argument (which barely needed arguing, but wow the info she marshalled) is that things are tested on male bodies, and that the resultant information gap is killing women. So from the AC in the office (which you’ve probably heard about), from the force that a crash test dummy can withstand, to the size of the car, to the size of the phone……. and it isn’t *just* inconvenience: when women have to shift their seats forward to reach the pedals in the car, that change in distance affects how force is distributed, how seat belts work, how a woman, vs a man, might survive. And so much else.


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