May reading goals

I did a letter randomization thing (h/t to Katie Linder– what a good idea!) and applied it to my book list. Came up with K and so choosing 5:
1) Klara and the Sun, Kazuo Ishiguro- excellent, I’ve been looking forward to that! Requested a copy from the library (but will resort to digital if the wait is too long)
2) The Kitchen Front, Jennifer Ryan– gift from C, homefront during war, off the shelf (yay!)
3) Kingsolver, Barbara, either Flight Behavior or Unsheltered, both gifts from C, off the shelf
4) Khan, Vaseem; The Dying Day— I read (inhaled) the first in this series last month (Midnight at Malabar House) and loved it, so this will be near the beginning of the month; digital copy
5) Kolk, Bessel A Van der, The Body Keeps the Score— I’ve read essays by Kolk in disability studies, but someone I respect raved about this a few months ago, so it’s been simmering. Non-fiction, digital copy

Other reading plans:
6) New Classic: Emma, Jane Austen– finally time to pop this cherry, or something less needlessly intimate. But reading my last new Austen feels like that. It is time. Of course I know the story, I’ve seen the movie(s), but I always stall out about the time she starts being awful. I’ll also rewatch (both are great spring movies) and read some scholarship.
7) Clear the Currently Reading: finally finish Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Annie Dillard. Loving this, but reading it very slowly.
8) Poetry collection: Life on Mars: poems, Tracy K. Smith (requested from the library)
9) How Beautiful We Were: A Novel, Imbolo Mbue (requested from the library)
10) Ariadne, Jennifer Saint, off the shelf

I like having a plan, but we’ll see where I really go from here!


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