New favs: Sonali Dev, The Rajes (74-76 in 2022 reading)

Last week I posted a list that Novel Pairings podcast shared of books to pair with Austen. And I started a series– dipped in, and then I dove, and then I gulped and now I’m very sorry to be done. At least for two weeks– the fourth comes out on May 17, and you can bet I marked my calender. And I love them so much, I’m considering an instant replay.

The books are The Rajes series by Sonali Dev. The series is about a family (the Rajes) who now live in California but still have strong ties to India. The world Dev creates is just entrancing, I couldn’t get enough. And beyond that, each of the books is kind of a retelling of one of the Austens! But honestly, that’s a bit of just icing, the books are good as stand-alones, not reference texts to trace Austen.

So very good.


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