April wrap-up

Ok, my tentative goal for this month was 10 books, and I think I came in at 12. So I’m ok with that. Better than 21.

Here’s what I read:

64. The Late Scholar, Sayers (talked about in another post)
65. Conundrums for the Long Weekend (talked about in another post)
66. The Nine Tailors (really read earlier, but forgot to record/count)
67-69. Moose Springs, Alaska #1-3, Sarah Morgenthaler (I clearly enjoyed these enough to finish and pick up the next, but I barely remember them. See: book binges/benders) Romance novels, conflict is primarily tension between tourists and those who live there (i.e.: tradition/small-town, unable to remain w/o tourism, but tourism is changing things). I’m fascinated by all things cold, would love to go, but feel like maybe books are the most eco-friendly tourism. But northern lights. ugh. desires and values in conflict.
70. My Name is Red, Orhan Pamuk (talked about at length in other places)
71. Midnight at Malabar House, Vaseem Khan, murder mystery, 1950 India. This looks like it would belong in my genre spiral, but I really only regret genre when it turns into a mindless marathon. This did not, partially because there is only one out, and also because it was extraordinarily good. Female detective, set amid political conflict of partition. This is a might reread, will definitely recommend book.
72. The Unexpected Guest, Agatha Christie. I don’t really count Christie ever in my reading totals, because it is so usual for me to have an audiobook playing in the background. But this was new to me, so I had to really listen, so I counted it. It’s from a play, recently novelized. And EDGE OF SEAT. And also, beware: not one of the major series and you KNOW WHAT SHE’S LIKE when she gets off the Poirot/Marple/TommyTuppence chain. Ending was unexpected, to say the least.
73. The Enchanted April, Elizabeth von Arnim, holy crap. I read Elizabeth and her German Garden earlier this year, loved it so much, and I was familiar with this movie (Polly Walker 4eva), but I don’t think I’ve ever read this. I listened to it over a glorious week, and I’m still conflicted about the ending. Which ooof just ended. And is ignorance bliss? Eeeek.
74-76. The Rajes, Sonali Dev (talked about elsewhere) loved so so much, will reread, have already recommended to others.

Also did some other series (fell down a Tessa Dare rabbit hole after a Novel Pairings mention) but heaving beasties don’t make it on to The List. About which I have complicated thoughts, because it seems kind of super un-sex-positive. My god I’m such a puritan. Like you can’t be intelligent and also read romance at the same time. Which I do not believe but apparently do on a fundamental level. But embrace who you are and work for better in the future. I guess.

Maybe I’ll post about them later.


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