Post-book club

Book club was fine. I’m not great at that, and I think I’ve gotten worse since the pandemic. Groups of people are either terrifying or annoying. The people who did not read the book did most of the talking, so very much like a grad lit class. (Overstatement: most of mine were awesome and very good friends there. But the one who is trying to cover their ignorance always talks the most.)

Awesome. I’m just bad at social stuff. But I suppose this is because I will not practice. (Yes, that’s P&P reference.)

Had a fun/insightful thought during: the titles of the chapters represent a distance of identity and reception– I will be called a murderer; I am called Black; I, Shekure. There’s a thread running through how people understand their own identities (there is no separation between the narrating voice of Shekure and her self, only a few other chapters don’t show a distance between who I know myself to be and who you call me.) So that’s fun.


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