Pride and Prejudice chs 1-2, read-along; Hot & Bothered: Live from Pemberley

Fascinating conversation, my favorite new podcast. Have read this a number of times, once for a grad class, but it’s never been my fav. I’ve loved Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion with a deep and abiding love since I was about 16, didn’t even read P&P until my late 20’s, in a class.

Podcast highlights (for me): generic “wives” vs individually adored women; class and gender intersections in the likable/unlikable characters; who speaks the most/least; and why/why/why you dislike the characters you dislike (and how Austen makes that happen.)

I’ve been turned off in the past by all the love that Lizzie gets. She’s kind of “a cool girl” (Roxane Gay referencing Gone Girl), and it feels kinda misogynist–like being a normal girl isn’t good enough. (This is my own nonsense, and my read of cultural appreciation of Lizzie, not Austen.) Also, the first time I read this I felt super anti-Mrs. Bennett, and found Mr. B charming. And then I reread and thought and read and was embarrassed about my dismissal of Mrs. B.

But yay! excited about this reread.


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