65, 66. Finishing the Sayers marathon

Book 65 in this book bender is Conundrums for the Long Weekend. It’s been on my shelf for about 5 years, and has been my goal/reward for reading the series in one fell swoop. And so last night, I dipped in, and then swallowed in one scrabbling gulp. Oh the metaphors, they are confused and contrary.

Anyway. This book is perfect for someone (like me) who knows this series very well, and who always wants a little more info/context/etc. He traces an arc of Wimsey’s development, plotting out the dates (that are known) of the books, and how Sayers makes this relationship between these two complicated people (Harriet and Peter) make sense. Basically justifies the lengthy time between Strong Poison and Gaudy Night, shows how Peter is slightly different/moving towards a more developed humanity/ in those books. So good. I’d have read another 14 chapters, but alas. I also really enjoyed his commentary on Gaudy Night– I hadn’t contextualized the intellectual stakes of that novel with the political atmosphere, now I like that book even more.

And 66– forgot to count The Nine Tailors in my Goodreads, so adding it now. Love this book. All about the mathematical progression of bell ringing. Who knew I’d be so interested in that? Ends up with this very Ye Olde England retreat to the church as the fens flood, reminded me so much of the blizzard in The Dark is Rising, another presentation of Englishness against encroaching… whatever. Evil, I guess. (Evil is not really capital E in Sayers– she’s so much more nuanced. But Susan Cooper, and children’s fantasy in general, is a bit broader.)


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