June Reading Goals

June's reading is going to be a little different, though I loved the structure of the alphabet challenge in May. But June is (maybe) my last summer month at home, so I'm having a clear-the-shelves sprint. (I'm traveling in July and part of August, and I have a lot of new books coming, so it's... Continue Reading →

May wrap-up

Ok, this month came in at 20. But it didn't feel mindless, so it's fine. I read the 10 I chose for myself at the beginning of the month, liked some (some more than expected), some were a bit forgettable, but none so bad I bailed. (Working on bailing books I'm not enjoying, so those... Continue Reading →

(92) The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan

Dropped by the library sale on Saturday, and walked away with four, including a 2$ copy of this. (Others are Ahab's Wife, which I'm anticipating reading in June, and a few non-fiction.) One of my students wanted to use this for their final project, but when they reminded me it was comprised of short stories,... Continue Reading →

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